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Boulder Restaurant Reviews: New Boulder Restaurants Foodie Fashionistas Gotta check out!

Boulder Foodiest Town

Boulder Foodiest Town

Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria: This new Havana-like gem is a branch of Denver’s acclaimed, upscale Cuban restaurant, Cuba Cuba. On the corner of Folsom and Arapahoe, Cuba Cuba has a spicy Latin atmosphere. Yellow walls complement the Cuban music and tropical flowers are planted outside. They offer the traditional Cuban sandwich as well as other classics such as the Pan con Bistec and the delicious Pan con Lechon. There is also a vegetarian “Boulder” Cuban as well as some other inspired sandwiches like the Mahi and the Elenita. If you are not digging the freshly baked bread, you can always get a rice and beans bowl or a fresh salad. Sides include, sweet plantains and yuca chips.

Extreme Pita: Right next door to Cuba Cuba is Extreme Pita. It’s like your typical casual pita place, but with better pitas and a cleaner, more organized set up that caters to customization. It’s a chain with all the benefits of being a chain, and none of the cons. Nutritional information is listed in plain view. It’s Subway-like in the assembly-line process, but the ingredients are fresher than Subway (thank goodness), plus it’s cheap. They also have great freshly baked pita chips and offer fruit and vegetable smoothies with all that healthy stuff Boulderites like… I had the Kale-a-Cab smoothie with blue-green algae in it. Yum!

Pizzeria Locale: One of the many new pizzerias in town, this one has already become a favorite among the locals… or should I say locales. With ultra thin crust and gourmet toppings, these pies are cooked for a very short time in a wood-fire Ferrara oven, the first of it’s kind in Colorado. Because of the thinness of the crust, the pizzas are one size fits all. The ambiance is loud and busy, but cozy nonetheless.

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