What NOT to do to Have a Good Time at a Club or Concert

Tips for Clubbing and Concert Goers

Clubs and concerts are two of the best places for a “Fashionista” to spend her hot summer nights, but there are a few things that can turn what should be a blast into a bust. Make sure to avoid doing these things and you’ll have an awesome night to remember.

1.) Don’t forget your ID! I know this sounds like an obvious one, but it happens all the time. Whether you’re 21 and it’s so you can drink, or you’re 18-21 and it’s so you can simply get in, before you leave home double check that you have your ID and whatever credit card you purchased your concert or event ticket with, if that’s necessary.

2.) Eat Light! Eat, but don’t eat too much! I love eating as much as the next “Fashionista”, but dancing and trying to feel sexy with a food-baby bump just doesn’t work. It either makes you cramp up, nauseous, or worst– self-conscious. Plus, if you’re drinking, it’s gonna take an extra few over-priced drinks before you feel buzzed on a really full stomach. Opt for something light for dinner, like salad or soup. Just make sure it contains some protein to keep you going. You can always snack when you get home!

3.) Wear comfortable shoes! I also love heels as much as any Fashionista…or maybe even more. But if you’re suffering after just an hour, that’s also going to inhibit you’re dancing mojo. If you must arrive in pumps, invest in a pair of “Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats” to store in your purse in case you need them. Otherwise, a lower wedge or comfy sandal can still be cute dressed up. I have even worn skater shoes to a concert with a mini-skirt.

4.) Ditch the coat and bag. All you really need is your lipstick or lip-gloss, ID, credit card, and a phone– Unless, of course, you are stowing away the “Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats” mentioned above. If you are being accompanied by a guy friend, ask him to throw your ID and credit cards in his wallet, and your lip shine and cell phone will fit nicely in his oversized jean pockets. I’m always cold and, especially in the Fall, I hate walking in the chilly night air in little clubbing outfits without a jacket. But honestly though? I’m young and I suck it up. You’ll warm up as soon as you hit the dance floor, and paying / waiting for coat and bag check just isn’t worth it.

About Anna Marie

Ana Marie is an incoming junior at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She is double-majoring in Spanish and Journalism, and hopes to one day have a career that combines those two fields. Ana is a Boulder native and loves fashion, art, cooking, fitness, and spending time with her boyfriend, Mark. Ana is also exploring the world of modeling and hopes it takes kindly to her.