How to Get a Job Fast

Tips on How to Get a Job Fast

I recently quit my job at an ice cream shop after one year in hopes of moving up in the world. I was excited but scared, why would I give up a sure thing on a gamble? But I needed some time off, I had been working all summer. I wanted to get a job as a hostess somewhere and work my way up to waiting tables– I hear waitresses make better tips than ice-cream girls. Turns out, I got exactly the job I wanted, at a great place. I was hired on the first day of my search as a hostess at the Boulder Rib House–with the opportunity to move up to being a waitress! I could attribute my luck to having friends in high places, but the truth is, there are things I did– that you can do to– which helped me to succeed.

Resume / Application: I had a resume from a couple years ago, but it was by no means up to date. I looked at a lot of templates and sample resumes, and decided to break mine down into sections. First, the Objective section, where I specify the type of position I am looking to fill. Then, Past Employment…pretty self-explanatory. That was followed by an Experience section, which included unpaid work such as modeling, volunteer work and, for me, writing for blogs. Be sure to include a Skills section, where you basically talk yourself up while remaining honest and not redundant. Really think about things you are good at. References are a must–you can use past bosses, teachers or presidents of a club or society you were in. Finally, I put a small picture of myself in the top left corner–across from my name, address, phone and email. I think this is a really good idea as it puts a name with a face, so people are more likely to remember you. It will make you resume / application more personal and unique.

How to Dress to Get a Job: Before I went handing out my resumes, I removed my neon nail polish and applied a clean and classy french manicure. I wore a good amount of makeup, but you should base how much you wear on the type of job you are applying for. Make sure your breath smells good and wear deodorant. I wore a pencil skirt and a dressy ruffled cami with heels. Again, your outfit should match your prospective position. If you are applying at a restaurant, the best time to go would be around 3:00 or 4:00 pm, between their lunch and dinner rushes.

What to Say to Get a Job: I had a list of thirty restaurants to apply to, most of which were in within walking distance of each other. The first few I went to, I was nervous and not as composed as I could’ve been. But I got better quickly. I realized I would often not introduce myself until after I asked if I could drop off a resume. Always smile first, introduce yourself, initiate a handshake (if it feels appropriate), and ask them how they’re doing. Then say you would like to leave your resume. Ask if it’s necessary to fill out an application, and if you need to duplicate any of the information included on your resume. Let them know your availability, if it’s not on your resume, before ask. Finally, ask when and how you should follow up and thank them for their time.

Good Luck!

About Anna Marie

Ana Marie is an incoming junior at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She is double-majoring in Spanish and Journalism, and hopes to one day have a career that combines those two fields. Ana is a Boulder native and loves fashion, art, cooking, fitness, and spending time with her boyfriend, Mark. Ana is also exploring the world of modeling and hopes it takes kindly to her.