Chunkei Monkei Jewelry by Designer Justarrea Curry Review

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Chunkei Monkei Review

As a DIY-er and creative mind, I knew Chunkei Monkei jewelry would fit my personality greatly. The owner of Chunkei Monkei jewelry, JuStarrea Curry, is a social worker and mom with a knack for ingenuity. Upon receiving my jewelry on Saturday, which was a pair of oriental polymer clay earrings and a tribal clay necklace, I knew I could make a statement.

The bright green centerpiece on my necklace, which is no longer featured on the site, is a wonder within itself. It is hung on, what looks to be, organic twill that is decorated attractively with wooden beads and a wooden closure. It looked great with my bikini, and would be absolutely perfect for an island vacation– I think Chunkei Monkei jewelry would be The absolute perfect focal point of any island vacation outfit!

Chunkei Monkei Jewelry

Chunkei Monkei Jewelry By Justarrea Curry

This is my Chunkei Monkei pendant necklace, but in turquois.

The Chunkei Monkei earrings, on the other hand, epitomized oriental grace and were appropriately named Whispering Edge. When picking up the jewelry, I found they went perfectly with the cream kimono-inspired sweater I was wearing. Deep red in color, the earrings also feature silver specks of paint and an over brush of terra cotta color, and are large in diameter. They’re a simple circle shape and are quite large, also making them the perfect centerpiece for any outfit.

Whispering Edge Earrings

Chunkei Monkei Whispering Edge Earrings

The Chunkei Monkei brand exemplifies Fashionista; the jewelry makes an inescapable statement of unique style. But be warned, Chunkei Monkei is not for those who like to blend in; but who likes to do that? Each piece is powerful, and makes a statement of its own.

There are several casual and high fashion pieces available at, and did I mention they are all incredibly affordable?

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