Charlotte Ronson Beauty Exclusively at Sephora

Samantha Ronson and Charlotte Ronson Twins

Samantha and Charlotte Ronson at the launch dinner for Charlotte Ronson Beauty at Sephora

Designer Charlotte Ronson Teamed-up with Sephora to Bring Her Talents to the Cosmetics Counter!

On Tuesday, August 23rd, at Los Angeles’ Il Sole, Samantha Ronson celebrated her Sephora collaboration with close friends and family. The event was packed with A-listers such as twin Samantha Ronson (Lindsay Lohan’s on and off again girlfriend), Rashida and Kidada Jones, Nicole Richie and Paris and Nicky Hilton, many of who were said to be inspirations for the collection.

Charlotte Ronson had help from friends Nicole Richie and sister Samantha with everything from product packaging to names and colors. The collection is set to include lip-glosses, eye shadow pallets and hair products for reproducing Charlotte’s easy tousled waves, one cleverly named “a perfect mess.” The line was created with her family and friends unique signature style in mind. Everything from Light Filter powder for Rashida Jone’s “beautiful skin,” to a pale pink lip-gloss sister Samantha Ronson would love.

In an interview with Sephora, Charlotte Ronson described the ideal woman for the collection.

“She is a city girl, like myself, so it’s important that my collections reflect that lifestyle. I design for a girl who is always on the go and needs easy, wearable pieces and products that are versatile but also unique. Her look effortlessly transitions from day into night,” said Ronson.

Charlotte went on to describe her line as “no makeup, makeup,” and this line truly embodies youthful minimalism.

Charlotte Ronson’s line will be launching exclusively in Sephora Stores next month.

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