Watch Alan Do Odd Jobs on Two and a Half Men Season 8 on DVD!

Two and a Half Men Season 8 on DVD!

Two and a Half Men Season 8 DVD

Two and a Half Men Complete Season 8 DVD

In 2011, Warner Brothers sitcom Two And a Half Men was named “the biggest hit comedy of the past decade” by The New York Times. The show premiered on CBS in the fall of 2003 staring Charlie Sheen, John Cryer, and Angus Jones. Charlie Sheen plays the character of Charlie Harper. Charlie Harper is a hedonistic bachelor and songwriter whose beach-front Malibu life is interrupted when his brother Alan (John Cryer) and his son Jake (Angus Jones) moves in with him after going through a nasty divorce. The show features realistic comedic situations of love, sex, family, divorce, dating, and single parenthood. The three make a great family unit and want what’s best for Jake.

Over the years, the show has gained a very large and diverse audience. As a recent college graduate, I have a life very different from the unique family structure in the show but there are many episodes that I feel I can relate to. For example, in this economy, we all can definitely relate to Season 8’s episode 11, when Alan tried so hard to “keep up with the Joneses”. Due to Alan’s child support, alimony payments, and his declining chiropractic business, he can no longer afford to shower his girlfriend with diamonds and luxury gifts as he did his ex-wife. To attempt to compete with his brother, Alan goes out to the mall and hilariously tries to give massages to make money to buy his girlfriend something nice for her birthday.

This episode reminds me of a time when my college roommate and I scanned the internet for affiliate programs and different ways to make some quick cash so we could make a little extra money for something other than books and living expenses. We came across a Direct TV affiliate program and all we had to do was go door to door and get people to sign up, saying they were interested in Direct TV. For every person who filled out the form, we were given $15. They didn’t even have to purchase Direct TV, how hard could it be? The first day we went door to door for hours in the blazing sun of Southern California and every homeowner slammed the door back in our faces. We thought to ourselves, “We might have had better luck searching the sands of the beach for money.” That night we thought it over and over. How could this be so hard? They didn’t even have to purchase anything. So the next day, we developed this sad story about how we were struggling college students and tuition kept going up and they didn’t have to purchase anything at all, but we still get credit. Oh yeah, we knew we were in there after we didn’t get the door slammed in our face immediately! People could relate with the emerging economic recession and rising gas prices. We were so happy after spending over 4 hours walking door to door, and we made about $300 a piece. “This was more than we made at our jobs”, we thought. But unfortunately the next day the affiliate program was gone.

Two and a Half Men touches on topics that can relate to a wide variety of people and is one of the funniest shows of all time. As you may have heard, next season Charlie Sheen will not be returning to the cast of Two And a Half Men and he’ll be replaced by Ashton Kutcher. Season 9 will be premiering September 19, 2011 on CBS and will feature the new cast. Be sure to tune in with First Class Fashionista as we are sure Two And a Half Men will continue to be one of the number one sitcoms of the year.

Catch-up on Season 8, the last season with Charlie Sheen, and the cast as we know it, or watch it again: Get the entire Season Eight on DVD here:

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