Did Ali Lohan Get Plastic Surgery? Michael Lohan’s Reaction!

Ali Lohan After Picture

Ali Lohan After Picture

Yes, we’re still talking about Ali’s dramatic transformation. The rumor mill is still buzzing about Ali Lohan’s new look–So we’re still talking!

Less than a month after Ali Lohan signed with NEXT model management, rumors of plastic surgery began surfacing. The 17-year-old was recently spotted leaving Anastasia Salon with mom Dina Lohan in Beverly Hills. The new model left the salon with larger bushier brows, very reminiscent of Brooke Shields modeling days. However, this isn’t the biggest change. Rumor has it that the now much-thinner Ali Lohan has had some work done and is showing signs of what could be surgically altered facial features. Compared to earlier this year, Ali’s looks and physique has changed dramatically.

“The change is so dramatic from the eyebrows to the nose and her lips, we can’t help but wonder if Ali might have decided to get little work done,” reports E! News.

Could this just be the results of a 17-year-old that’s just beginning to grow up and her new look is the natural process of aging or did Ali Lohan get plastic surgery?

Ali’s father, Michael Lohan, told Radar Online,

“It’s scary to see my daughter looking like this. Ali has always been on the thin side but seeing how much weight she’s lost there appears to be a dramatic change that concerns me.”

Lindsay’s lil sis, was just named the new face of PRVCY Premium Collection for the Spring and Summer 2012 Line (Read: PRVCY Jeans: The New Must Have Jeans). In addition, Ali Lohan modeled for Lindsay’s clothing line 6126.

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