Behind the Scenes of Colorado Fashion Week

As a model for the first-ever Colorado Fashion Week, I learned firsthand just how much work was put into this exceptional production. After my audition, I was chosen as a model for the NARS Makeup Presentation by NARS master makeup artist Erroll Perkins and his team.

For walk-throughs and preparation, the models were to be there five hours before the presentation . My hair was styled by Blondies Salon, and they did a phenomenal job transforming my short, platinum locks into a gorgeous Marilyn-esqe updo. Once my hair was done, I moved onto makeup and was given a classic beauty look with a twist! I had teal and black eye shadow that brought out the vivid teal in my eyes, and the orange blush and lipstick complimented it beautifully. Not only did these makeup and hair artist do a wonderful job making me look great, they treated me with the utmost respect; something that is quite unusual in this industry.

I was dressed in Body Bark lingerie paired with a Flair and Lightning brand feather earring.

Not only was this show thought out and planned very well, but the performance was fierce and the atmosphere created a high fashion environment. I have no doubt that Colorado Fashion Week will continue to grow and expand, creating more opportunity for models and a larger industry in Colorado. I was blessed to have the opportunity to walk in the inaugural show, and I look forward to more Colorado Fashion Weeks to come.

Colorad Fashion Week

Colorad Fashion Week

I am the one in the brown; photo thanks to Michael Beckerman Photography. Enjoy the show!

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