Blue Fish, Element 5, Barrera and Common Era at CFW

Colorado Fashion Week Finale

As “Colorado Fashion Week” wrapped up, the final show was preparing to unveil. The featured lines included a combined line of Blue Fish and Element 5, the Barrera line and last but not least, Common Era. Each show, with its individual style, suited all tastes of the audience and created a sensory appealing visual.

Element 5

Blue Fish and Element 5 at Colorado Fashion Week

The runway was in an X formation and each show had different choreography to suit the shape. The Blue Fish and Element 5 show created a sporty vibe with a fast-paced walk and energetic music, accompanied by models paired in lively formations. This style matched the lively apparel presented. This every day wear showed its true versatility to be fashionable and functional.

Colorado Fashion Week

Barrera by Juan Andres Jimenez at CFW

When the Barrera show started, it had slow, sexy music paired with a seductive walk around the border of the runway. The models kept a seductive attitude, and got a little feisty when in pairs, brushing past each other and pushing each other slightly. The day wear portion of this Barrera presentation also matched the models’ attitudes; feisty and showy, and for the fashion-forward Fashionista. Then came the formal wear. These gorgeous gowns not only had sex appeal, but looked classy and elegant. This sensual show proved to be fabulous.

Common Era Boulder

Common Era by Debra Mazur at CFW

Finally, the “Common Era” boutique show was presented. The energetic pairs of models showed the true side of Colorado fashion with vintage wear and colorful outfits. This young show represented Colorado fashion with winter and fall wear, including scarves, hats, arm warmers, and other knits in gorgeous jewel tones. This is a place I plan on shopping in the future!

This show was put on impeccably, and was the perfect finale for Colorado Fashion Week. Each show had it’s individual style, and this mixed show topped the whole week off. Look out New York, Colorado fashion is on the rise!

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