Steve Jobs Tribute

Steve Jobs presence is one that will never be forgotten, as he was talented enough to accomplish and brave enough to try!

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

American Computer Entrepreneur Steve Jobs Passes Away at 56

Just a day after the release of Apple’s new iPhone 4S, Apple’s Co-founder Steve Jobs has passed away. These unfortunate circumstances mark the death of one of America’s truly brilliant computer entrepreneurs.

Apple announced the untimely death of Mr.Jobs, stating that he had suffered form a rare form of pancreatic cancer. Although he received a liver transplant in March of 2009, the status of his health began to slowly decline.

The man who stood before us as the face of Apple in nothing more than blue jeans and sneakers proved that being a Mac didn’t require a suit and tie.

Steve Jobs evoked a new type of computer user that changed the way people interacted with technology. In 1976 the then 21-year old college drop out founded Apple with close friend Steve Wozniak. He turned a company started in his parents garage into a multimillion / billion dollar company.

After leaving Apple at the age of 30, Jobs joined Next Computer Firm to bring life to the World Wide Web. Mr. Jobs return to Apple marked the restoration of the company that began to produce products that left them untouchable by computer competitors.

Mr. Jobs introduced us to the silhouetted figures that danced to the rhythms of the iPod. He gave us a place where we could legally buy music online with iTunes. He brought the cellphone market to know the sleek design, touch screen functionality–and the affordability could be one in the same with the iPhone. He mobilized and brought life to the tablet controlled by multitouch display in the iPad.

Steve Jobs presence is one that will never be forgotten, as he was talented enough to accomplish and brave enough to try. His memory will forever live on as one of the greatest technological pioneers of our lifetime.

Our hearts go out to the family, friends, co-workers and fans of Steve Jobs in this difficult time of mourning.

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