Colorado Free University: The Keys to Looking Your Best on the Job!

Upgrade Your Style at Colorado Free University

Colorado Free University

Colorado Free University

At First Class Fashionista we know our Fashionistas are beauty and brains! That’s why we went back to class!!! Courtesy of “Colorado Free University” and “Crystal Gardner Marketing”, First Class Fashionista attended a class called “Upgrade Your Style: The Keys to Looking Your Best on the Job”. This class is part of a series of classes for those who want to make a stronger statement on the job, are moving into a different position or even transitioning back into the workforce. “Upgrade Your Style” will teach you how to look and be the part on the job, equipping you with the skills needed for a professional A+ presentation. In just two hours, Certified Image Consultant and Marketing Professional Crystal Gardner will take your on the job image from A to B!

We had so much fun!!!

The class curriculum focused on color psychology, dressing for your body type, and professional (land a job or keep a job) etiquette. Fashionista, below are some of the things the instructor wanted you to know about looking your best, not only on the job but in any situation:

Color Psychology: The colors you choose to wear have meaning. For example, blue (one of the most popular colors) is casual, calming and conveys unity; brown, one of my favorite colors for Fall, means solid and reliable; and yellow, a color I absolutely love for summer, is optimistic and vibrant.

Know what colors work best for you on the job or in casual situations. If you haven’t figured out your seasonal color scheme yet, Ms. Gardner recommends a color analysis.

How to Dress for Your Body Type: The goal is an hourglass figure. Fashionista, maximize and minimize to create (or show-off) your waistline. Invest in good undergarments and, with your clothing and accessories, try to create vertical lines to help you look taller and leaner. For example, a v-neck, a longer necklace and heels will help maximize this effect. Most of us should avoid low-rise, tapered and ankle length pants–Wide-legged or boot-cut is recommended. Below, are a few more “dressing for your body type” tips:

Heavier on Top:

Tip 1: No busy patterns, larger and more abstract patterns might work for you.

Tip 2: Wear your heavier fabrics on the bottom.

Heavier on the Bottom:

Tip: Enhance and accessorize your upper body area.

You can wear the statement jewelry pieces, the heavier fabric on top, shoulder pads and even the padded bra–But, maybe not all at once. Go with what makes you feel confident!

Short Torso:

Tip 1: V-necks

Tip 2: Longer shirts or sweaters

The Best Dressing for Your BodyType Tip: A lot of us get caught up in vanity sizing. Know your measurements. This will help you achieve a more pleasurable shopping experience.

So now you’re dressed! Let’s talk about interview / job etiquette. If you are gearing up for an interview, do your research, practice and a little positive self talk wouldn’t hurt—Oh, and watch out for correspondence errors! If you are a candidate for a job or you’ve been on the job for years, shorthand should also be avoided.

Always adhere to dress codes and if there happens to be a causal Friday at your place of employment; maintain your professionalism and try to dress up those jeans!

If you missed this class, sign up for November, December and January classes at Colorado Free University. Note: The classes are not free. Colorado Free University, rooted in the free speech movement, offers life-long learning classes based on the demands of the students and professionals in the community.

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