Introducing DIANE by Diane von Furstenberg via My Vogue Influencer Experience

DIANE Perfume Review

At First Class Fashionista we love to know it first, try it first and share it with you first! So we are very proud to help introduce the new DIANE!

As a Vogue Influencer, Diane von Furstenberg invited me to experience “everything she knew about seduction in a bottle,” the new DIANE. I was so honored! Diane sent me a free sample of her signature DIANE perfume, a full size DIANE perfumed body lotion and the handwritten, autographed note below.

Diane von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg Note to Vogue Influencer

Diane von Furstenberg says her mission in life is to empower women through her clothing line, accessories and scents, so that the woman can be who she wants to be.

“In this bottle, I have put all my love, all my wisdom, all my knowledge and all my secrets of seduction; so it smells delicious,” Diane von Furstenberg tells Access Hollywood.

Experiencing the new DIANE was a heightened seductive experience. This extremely intelligent scent complimented my wardrobe selections as well as my personality. Like Diane von Furstenberg, I am loving and smart; which is nothing less than–Seductive. With bold notes of Frangipani and Violets and base notes of myrrh, musk and patchouli, I think DIANE is seductively enticing and powerful. For me, the seduction success of DIANE lies in the balance of a powerful scent that smells extremely light and fresh.

Refreshingly, DIANE is not an overpowering or overwhelming perfume. I think DIANE is an any day, any time scent. You can wear this perfume to the grocery store, to work or a night on the town. And, unlike some perfumed lotions, the DIANE perfumed body lotion is complimentary to the perfume and moisturizing. Seductive and feminine, after deciding what to wear, DIANE is really the ultimate accessory.

Thank you Diane von Furstenberg for such a wonderful opportunity to share something new and powerful, yet feminine, with our readers at “First Class Fashionista”!

Useful Definitions:

Frangipani: Also known as the Hawaiian Lei Flower.

Myrrh: Fragrant tree sap.

Musk: Musk was a name originally given to a substance with a penetrating odor obtained from a gland of the male musk deer. Today, Musk is likely derived from plants with a similar fragrance and artificial substances.

Patchouli: Patchouli is a plant.

This is a picture of the Patchouli plant:


The Patchouli Plant

DIANE was created in collaboration with Fragrance Creator Chantal Roos and Master Perfumer Aurelien Guichard.

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