Denver Fashion Weekend: 303 Magazine Hair Show Video and Pics

Denver Hair Show

303 Magazine Hair Show

This year, “Denver Fashion Weekend” ended with 303 Magazine’s highly anticipated 5th annual hair show. The 5th Annual Hair Show featured avant-garde Fall/Winter 2011 hairstyle trends. Themes included, the upcoming holidays (Halloween and Christmas), nature and circus freaks.

The show was a big, big success. The seats were filled, and a lot of spectators seemed to be holding standing only tickets.

Opening with a ribbon dance to “Baby I’m a Different Breed”, the show didn’t disappoint. Each runway presentation showcased hours of work and creative craftsmanship. Challenging what it means to be beautiful, hairstylist and makeup artists combined their talents to create never-been-seen-before theatrical looks. In the video below, witness the delicate balance of beauty and the beast as beautiful models walk 303 Magazine’s runway, presented by Schomp Automotive, in blood and gore.

My favorite was the finale.

“You are about to witness something you’ve never seen before,” says Fox 31’s Chris Parente, Entertainment Reporter and 5th Annual Hair Show Announcer…

Then the real circus freaks came out! I loved the bearded lady and the Siamese twins that were conjoined at the head.

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