Time To Dig Deep: A Motivational Weight Loss Success Story

Tips for Motivation to Work Out!

I was sitting down today talking to my mom about how November 1, 2011 will mark the 1 year anniversary of me just working out and starting to transform my body. I was 155 lbs and in a size 9-11 but from the pictures you wouldn’t be able to tell I weighed that much. But here I am, a year later, and I’m 135 lbs and a size 5. I had to dig deep and dig even deeper with each passing day. There were some days where I didn’t want to workout at all. I would ask myself why am I working out so much? Why am I walking around so sore that I can barely move?

There were some days where I would just sit and cry because I didn’t want to do it anymore. I had started to lose all hope, all motivation. I was tired of trying to eat right and tired of exercising. I wanted to be “normal” again. But then I started to think: “What is normal?” Eating over 2000 calories a day? Continuously going up in pants sizes? Not losing any weight? Dealing with health issues? THAT ISN’T NORMAL!!

Living in America we’re dealing with obesity and obesity is taking over at an alarming rate so I said to myself, “Why not continue to change myself and also try to be a role model for others?” When I first started on my journey of living a better, healthier lifestyle I didn’t have too much support. I had to find motivation within myself and look up to others who I felt could be a support system for me.

Now that I have experienced what it takes to continue on the path of living a healthier lifestyle, I am going to share a few tips with you that motivated me:

  1. Vision boards- a vision board is a poster that you create on your own by cutting out pictures from magazines or articles and taping or pasting them onto a poster board and then hanging it somewhere in plain view that you can see everyday.
  2. Motivational Post-it Notes- I would write encouraging things to myself on post it notes and place them on mirrors, walls, in my wallet, books, etc.
  3. Social Networking- I created a twitter account and started to follow individuals who shared the same interest as me in living a healthier lifestyle. They were all so helpful in motivating me and also offering tips for recipes, workouts, etc.
  4. Positive Affirmations- Constantly telling yourself something positive! (i.e. I can do this! Doing this for me and nobody else!)

My favorite is doing the Motivational Post-it Notes because they are easy to do and I would always look at them when I felt discouraged. But one thing you must do is always believe in yourself. I believed in myself so much that now I am a NPC Figure Competitor and I train for my competitions year round just to stay in shape. It took me a year to get where I am now. No pills, no magic drink–just a lot of hard work, determination, and persistence.

What motivates you?

Monique Battiste

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Hi I'm Monique. I graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a B.S. in Kinesiology. I'm a personal trainer and NPC Figure competitor who loves transforming bodies. I am also currently enrolled in a Master's program.