Fitness Motivation Tips: “I’m going to start Working Out tomorrow!?”

“I’m going to start tomorrow”

Fitness Fashionista

Fitness Fashionista

How many times have you said, “I’m going to start tomorrow”? Or better yet: “When the first hits, I’m going to be working out like its nobody’s business.” I’ve heard this from my friends and family plenty of times. Why are you making excuse after excuse to not start NOW? What’s wrong with the present? We go through life making time for the club, hair appointments, concerts, social events, etc. But, we never take the time out to evaluate and promote our health. If you aren’t; well, then your participation in the above events should be put on hold. Put your health first.

I know you get frustrated because you’re looking for overnight results but guess what: NEWS FLASH!! You won’t see significant results for 6-8 weeks and that’s if you’re working out and making the necessary changes on a consistent day-to-day basis.

Nothing happens overnight and if you workout consistently with time your metabolism will increase and you will see the changes you’re looking for sooner than later.


If you’re not motivated, consider joining a bootcamp or investing in a personal trainer.

Let’s get on the good foot and shine up that trophy, aka your body.

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