America’s Next Top Model Isis: Fair Competition Tyra?

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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11 “The Ladder of Model Success”

america's next top model cycle 11

On one episode of the “Tyra Show,” a man asked Tyra would she ever cast an “America’s Next Top Model” season for men and she said no as well as provided a laundry list of reasons why she couldn’t do it. Sooo Tyra…Why the contradiction? I really don’t think that it is fair that Isis is competing in this season’s “America’s Next Top Model” cycle 11. Respectfully, I want to acknowledge that Isis is pretty and she does know her craft. In fact, at most angles, Isis does look like a woman-BUT SHE’S NOT! Here lies the problem. It was revealed during the season opener that Isis is pre-op transgendered. This means that she has a penis. Therefore Isis is still technically a male. Is it fair to the other competing women of cycle 11? And what about the men who would like to have a chance to compete on a season of “America’s Next Top Model”? Has “America’s Next Top Model” imposed some sort of double standard? No offense and I’m not Hating.

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