Mariah Carey Has The Secret to Weight Loss

Mariah Carey’s Weight Loss Success Secret

Mariah Carey Weight Loss

Mariah Carey Jenny Craig Brand Ambassador

I know you’re like OOOOOOh I want to know the secret too. Well here is the secret: Diet and Exercise! All Mariah Carey did was sign up for Jenny Craig and worked out 3 times a week and she lost 30 pounds in 3 months. That’s a 10 pound loss every month. According to US Magazine, Carey states that she was on 1500 cals/per day. The recommended calorie intake per day is: 2000 calories. One meal at a restaurant is likely to be close to 2000 calories, so do the math if you are looking to lose weight.

In her interview with NY Daily News Mariah Carey said, “She doesn’t use a scale to monitor weight, she uses her clothes.” Adding, “I would tend to go, ‘Does this size dress fit me that I wore 3 years ago? I’m good, let’s go.’ I would go by what it looked like, how I felt.”

Mariah Carey looks great and she’s proof that with dedication, determination, and discipline you can achieve anything. Carey knew the results wouldn’t come overnight and she worked hard to get to where she is now after her pregnancy.

Let Mariah be proof that it’s not too late to make the right lifestyle changes and look and feel better than ever.

Disclaimer: Consult your doctor before changing your health or exercise routine.

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