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Gym Etiquette: What Not to Do at the Gym

Gym Etiquette

These past few months as I have been going to the gym not only to workout but to train clients, I have seen a lot of things that should be addressed. Gym etiquette is just as important as table etiquette, so below is a list of gym don’ts along with tips on how to fix the problem.

  1. Perfume and Cologne: What is the purpose of putting on some perfume or cologne if you’re supposed to be working out? So let’s leave the perfume and the cologne for after the workout.
  2. Cell Phones: WHY are you talking on your cell phone while you’re doing a biceps curl or walking on the treadmill? If the conversation is that important, please step outside because nobody wants to hear your conversation. Please leave your cell phone in the locker or in your car.

  3. Deodorant: I know that you’re at the gym but if you walk past someone and they almost pass out, YOU need to FIX THAT ASAP!!
  4. Talking During a Workout: Some people don’t even like to be talked to while working out because they are at the gym to do just that. So the next time you see a person with headphones, PLEASE DON’T INTERRUPT!!
  5. Parading Around the Gym: LADIES, you are the #1 culprit of this!!! If you are NOT at the gym to workout, then don’t PARADE around the gym in your gym clothes trying to get someone’s attention. You’ve caught my attention by taking up space or just walking around doing NOTHING!!! I’ve seen women walk around the gym in tube tops and compression shorts and not doing anything in the weight room.

  6. Grunting: MEN! If you have to grunt while lifting the load is too heavy. Nobody wants to hear you grunt from the other side of the gym.
  7. Hogging Machines: I understand that you may want to workout with a friend or 2 or 3 or maybe even 4, BUT the gym is a place to get work done–it’s not a hang out. So when there are 4-5 people working on the same machine, you’re taking up time and hogging the machine. Spread out the workout, work on different things and rotate the machines that you may want to use so you’re not in the gym for 3 hours.

These are a few gym etiquette tips that I hope you’ll take into consideration the next time you’re at the gym. What are some things that you feel should be addressed when working out or at the gym?

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