Annulment Will Void Kardashian Humphries Prenuptial Agreement and Confidentiality Clause

Millions watched as “Kim Kardashian’s Fairytale Wedding” to Kris Humphries was featured on E! News and, after only 72 days of marriage, Kim Kardashian filed for Divorce on October 31, 2011.

Was it all a sham? Kris seems to think so.

Kris Humphries responded to Kim’s actions by filing for an annulment with the Los Angeles County Superior Court this past Thursday. According to California state law, an annulment would mean the marriage never existed because it wasn’t legally valid. Kris says he wants to dissolve the marriage on the grounds of fraud.

Was it just a publicity stunt? Or was it real Love?

A source told People magazine,
“Kris is sensitive to marriage both emotionally and religiously. He entered the marriage in good faith and genuinely loved her and is devastated that it turned out like this.”

Well, 72 days of marriage is not trying to work it out at all Kim!

However, to Kim’s credit, someone close to her told People, “She respects Kris and just wants them both to find peace and move on.”

According to court documents, Kris Humphries is also asking for a legal separation instead of a divorce if he’s not granted the annulment. If granted the annulment, all prenuptial agreements would be void and so would the confidentiality clause.

Should Kris be granted an annulment or is this just another ploy for press attention?

Fashionista, Kris H. isn’t giving up without a fight. From what we understand, fraud is going to be difficult to prove and is going to take months of battling it out in California Courts. Share your thoughts with “First Class Fashionista”. Should Kris be granted an annulment or is this just another ploy for press attention?

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