Brooke Mueller Arrested In Aspen for Cocaine Possession and Assault

Just when you thought things were looking up for Brooke Mueller; she may have put herself in hot water with the law. The ex-wife of actor and self-proclaimed “winner” Charlie Sheen, was arrested Friday, December 2nd in Aspen Colorado. Police reports state the 34-year-old was arrested for ‘cocaine possession and assault’.

Brooke Mueller Arrested In Aspen

Brooke Mueller Arrested In Aspen

Police officers responded to the nightclub Escobar after a woman reported Brooke as the assailant who attacked her. A spokesperson for the Aspen police department confirmed to People, “Mueller was arrested and charged with assault in the third degree and possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute.”

This isn’t the first time Brooke Mueller has found herself in trouble with the law. After posting a bail bond of $11,000, Brooke won’t be due in district court until December 19, 2011. In spite of Friday evenings arrest, Mueller’s legal team is confident that ‘all charges will be dropped!’ They have also stated that she will not lose custody of her two children Max and Bob.

What are your thoughts on Brooke’s situation?

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