4th Friday Movie Coming Out!

Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, John Witherspoon are looking to team up for another new “Friday” flick!

The original Friday film, that debuted in 1995, featured Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, John Witherspoon and an all-star supporting cast. This comedic drama revolved around two central characters, friends Smokey (Chris Tucker) and Craig (Ice Cube), who live in South Central Los Angeles. Craig looses his job on his day off, and finds himself hanging out with Smokey all day, dealing with bullying and owing money to a drug dealer.

Friday is a must see, laugh-out-loud comedy that really wouldn’t be the same without key cast members, so Ice Cube has been working on getting the crew back together!

Ice Cube

Ice Cube

Chris Tucker hasn’t starred in Friday since the original. In Friday 2 & 3 , “Next Friday” and “Friday After Next”, Mike Epps co-starred as Day Day. Ice Cube wants Chris Tucker for the 4th installment, and we’ve heard Chris is seriously thinking about returning.

On Wednesday, November 16, 2011, Ice Cube tweeted to his followers: “The 4th Friday movie is in the works. Working out a deal with New Line Cinema”.

The 4th Friday movie is to be a sequel in which Ice Cube will write, produce and star in.

John Witherspoon is excited about the return of Friday and comments:

“Cube always has bunch fine women on the set. I am an old black man, how could I not look forward to taping with a bunch of pretty girls surrounding the set?”

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