LoveSac Phur Feet Slipper Review

I’m sure many of you are familiar with LoveSac Alternative Furniture co. However, the company who gave new life to the boring beanbag makes more than just furniture! I was more than thrilled when I learned I’d receive a courtesy pair of Phur Feet slippers to review for First Class Fashionista.

The slippers arrived just before the New Years holiday weekend, and I couldn’t wait to lounge around in them come January 1st. The slippers where packaged in a thick cardboard box and adorned with their signature retro logo.

Lovesac Slipper

Lovesac Slipper

As I slipped on the furry little gems, my face lit up like a kid on Christmas. Not only were they incredibly soft but they also were very comfortable. The soft fabric surrounded my feet and I was instantly transported to a serene space.

The Phurr slippers are crafted with hypo-allergetic knit and each pair feature a LoveSac tattoo on the heel of the underfoot. As I walked around I noticed a few things that made the LoveSac slippers different. Unlike other brands I’ve tried in the past, I wasn’t slipping and sliding as I walked on the hardwood and tile floors.

The bottom of the slippers are coated with little rubber stoppers to prevent this from happening. The second thing I noticed was the fit, usually when a shoe is designed to fit multiple sizes, sometimes your left with a slipper that is too big or too small.

Call me Goldilocks, but these were just right! I’m usually a size 8, which tends to be a popular size for many women. If your in the market for a new pair of plush slippers I would highly recommend the LoveSac Phur Feet!

For more information or to shop online visit: Lovesac

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