Heidi Klum Says, “You’re Out” to Marriage

Just like every other high profile couple to come out of Hollywood, we never thought Heidi Klum and Seal would call it quits and yet, here we are.

Heidi Klum and Seal

Seven years and four kids later (three biologically Seal’s), the Samuel family decided to split. Where were the warning signs? Was it, maybe, that they felt the need to renew their vows every year on their anniversary?

Looking back on their relationship, they seemed like the perfect pair. Maybe it was because their both European? Or because they just look so good together? They seemed to treat each other as equals. However, with a separation and possibly a divorce in the works, that’s not what the financials say. It has yet to be announced if a prenup was signed and how the children’s custody and combined millions will be split. Let’s be honest, throughout the duration of their marriage, Heidi has been bringing home the bacon. Yes, seal has had a couple albums come out, but those projects in no way compete with the success of Project Runway and the life of a supermodel.

Neither Seal nor Heidi are bashing the other publicly. It seems that this separation is starting out smoothly. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres Seal said, “I think the operative here is that we are civil to each other and we both have a tremendous amount of respect and love and we try and do this with as much dignity as we possibly can.”

Seal was still wearing his wedding ring; maybe he thinks they’ll get back together? Only time will tell.

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