HTC Radar Review

After going through an absolute nightmare with my Samsung Sidekick 4g, I needed a new phone. About a month ago I got so sick of my 6-month- old Sidekick, I decided enough was enough and got a new phone, and boy am I glad I did.

My boyfriend surprised me with a new HTC Radar!

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htc radar 4g

Let’s just start with the appearance. It’s very thin and lightweight, and is mostly white on the outside. The screen is a decent size at 4.74” x 2.42”, and is great to type on! I have yet to have an odd auto-correct, it’s like it knows what I’m trying to say.

The HTC Radar runs on Windows Phone 7.5. This operating system is like none I’ve seen before. It’s incredibly clean-running and quick, as well as very visually attractive. I am in love with this phone! The battery lasts longer than any other phone I have had, I’ve never had it die on my in the middle of the day. And it comes stock with a Zune player. The HTC Radar is like an improved iPhone, dare I say it? It’s better than the iPhone. Awesome battery life, music player, fantastic operating system, and on T-Mobile’s inexpensive 4g network, I couldn’t be happier.

I recommend this phone for anyone who’s fed up with their android or apple smartphone, this beats them out of the ballpark.

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