My Contra Costa Figure Competition Diet


I never thought in a million years I would say ” I am tired of eating!” And to an extent I am truly tired of eating. I eat every 2 1/2 hours at the same time everyday. Preparing for a competition isn’t easy and nobody ever said that it would be. Here’s my day in a nutshell. You will be surprised.

6:45am- Alarm goes off. Time to start cooking my breakfast.

7:00am- Time to eat breakfast (1/2c of oatmeal or grits with 6 egg whites). After breakfast, I get ready for the gym.

Around 7:30am I sit down and gather my thoughts to plan out my day.

8:00am- Pack up all my afternoon meals

9:30am- Eat Meal #2 (5 oz of chicken or turkey with 1/2 c of grits, oatmeal, or brown rice)

10:00am – 12:00pm- Train myself (weights and cardio)

12:00pm- Eat Meal #3 (same as meal #2)

12:30pm- Shower and relax for a second

1:00pm- Study for certification exam, respond to emails, interact with people on facebook and twitter, plan out workouts for clients and make phone calls

2:30pm- Eat Meal #4 (same as Meal #2) and continue with everything from 1pm

4:30pm- Get ready for work

5:00pm- Eat Meal #5 (5 oz of chicken or turkey with 1c of veggies- kale, spinach, green beans, or broccoli) and train a client

7:30pm- Eat Meal #6 (same as Meal #5) while training my last client of the day

8:00pm- Drive my sister to her dance rehearsal in San Mateo (3-4 days a week)

9:00pm- Her rehearsal starts and I’m studying for my exam and coming up with new stuff to write about for FCF

1:00am- Drive back to Oakland after her rehearsal is over

2-2:30am- Arrive home, go to sleep to get up and do it all over again the next day

Depending on the day, sometimes I have to train clients in the slot that I have designated for my personal training. When this happens I may have to do my cardio first thing in the morning and train later on in the day. It’s important that I eat at the same times everyday to keep my metabolism going to constantly fuel my body to replenish the calories burned. As much as I move around I have to keep eating! I have less than 3 months to get ready for my next competition, so this isn’t the time for me to slack off.

For my birthday I’m heading to New York for a week. It will be my first time ever visiting New York and while I’m there I still have to train, eat on schedule, do 3 photoshoots, and spend time with friends. I will be super busy. I can’t wait to show you all the pictures from my photoshoots as soon as I get them.

Day to day life can become a blur, but we all have to learn how to switch into high gear when the timing is right. At this stage in my training, this is everything in a nutshell: EAT, TRAIN, SLEEP, AND REPEAT!!

About MoniqueB

Hi I'm Monique. I graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a B.S. in Kinesiology. I'm a personal trainer and NPC Figure competitor who loves transforming bodies. I am also currently enrolled in a Master's program.