My First Car Story Illustrated by Subaru

First Car Story

I learned from my older sister’s mistakes, but my parent’s rules always seem to change because of a lesson they learned too. It was my 16th birthday and I was very excited. At sixteen my sister got a brand new car. But in less than two months, she was in a very serious accident. That’s when my mom told me I wasn’t getting a car. She said she was afraid to have another child on the road. My birthday came and went. No car. For months, I walked around upset at the world. Then one day, my parents told me to go look for the key to the car in the garage. I started crying. The car was filled with rust and hadn’t been moved for years. My sister didn’t even have to drive that car! Wiping away my tears, I walked slowly into the garage and, to my surprise, there was a brand new car waiting for me! It had all the works; leather interior, heated seats, and even wood grain.

Since I didn’t get a chance to practice driving much, I couldn’t take it anywhere and my parents were leaving for vacation. I spent my first car experience sitting in my parent’s driveway blasting the music and not getting out of the car for hours. I just remember the brand new car smell and listening to my favorite song over and over again.

Everyone loved their first car. No matter how beat up or broken down, it was a taste of freedom and you loved it. Even though it lasted only for a brief time, that emotional connection is an experience that unites us all. Check out my custom illustrated story, you can submit one too at and bring your story to life with animation and music and share it with your friends.

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First Car Story

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