Victoria Beckham: One Hot Momma!

Victoria Beckham has come a long way since her days as Posh Spice. She’s married to the hottest athlete of our time, a mother of four beautiful children, and is gaining some well-deserved recognition in the fashion world.

Victoria Beckham NYFW

Victoria Beckham NYFW Runway

Last year Victoria was nominated for the British Fashion Council’s Brand Award along with fellow nominees such as Tom Ford and Burberry. In the April issue of  Vogue, the Singer/Actor turned designer discusses her inspiration and determination behind her new line, which was debuted this year at New York Fashion Week. Victoria Beckham explains how she’s growing as a person and a woman, and she admits her style has grown with her. Beckham shares that she dressed herself in the past based mostly on her own insecurities. She says she wanted the public to see her a certain way so she created the desired illusion through her clothing.

Beckham tells Vogue she’s more confident and secure in her own shoes now, and she hopes to reflect that in her new clothing line. posted exclusive photos of the collection and the differences were well received. The line included bold colors and full-bodied skirts, which produced a much more playful and relaxed look over all. The Fashion Police mentioned the new line on their website this week and stated, “Each dress could have been pulled from her closet”.

“That’s the final test.  Would I wear it? If I would I put it out there, and if I wouldn’t, I don’t,” Beckham explains.  

Wanting the line to represent her unique and head-turning style has been Beckham’s main focus from the start. As Victoria Beckham settles into her roles as a mother and wife, we believe her style will continue to impress us and mirror her one-of-a-kind personality.

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