Forever Darling V Fashion Show and DAM’s Untitled #45 YSL Tribute a Success

As a blogger for First Class Fashionista, I had the opportunity to attend the sold out Forever Darling V Fashion Show and Untitled #45 (Haute) event at the Denver Art Museum. As a tribute to the Yves Saint Laurent fashion exhibit housed at the museum, 8 Project Runway designers showcased their YSL inspired fashions.

I’ve been to many runway shows over the course of my career as a fashion blogger, and I must say the event felt intimate, high profile and was well put together. I also saw some of the most unique designs that correctly paid tribute to the luxury and ready-to-wear designer, YSL.

Below are the eight designers who were featured on Project Runaway and were showcased at Forever Darling V “Dressing is a Way of Life”-YSL.

* Becky Ross
* Cecilia Motwani
* Danielle Everine
* Fallene Wells
* Jason Troisi
* Julie Tierney
* Michael Costello
* Rafael Cox

This was a limited seating event that sold out in just 5 days on Friday, March 30th, so Forever Darling had to put on a second show on Saturday! After the show, we were given the opportunity to meet and talk to the designers. If you are truly interested in fashion here in Denver, the Forever Darling Fashion Show is definitely an event to check out. It was a fun and exciting show.

If you haven’t had the chance to visit the YSL exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, you still have time. It will remain at the Denver Art Museum until July 8, 2012. The exhibition showcases over 40 years of creative haute couture designs by Yves Saint Laurent and, as we proudly announced last October, Denver is the one and only stop for this YSL tour in the United States. Read: “The Denver Art Museum Invites You to Experience Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective”

Pictures coming soon. Thank you for reading!

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