Denver Art Museum YSL: The Retrospective Exhibit Review

YSL Tuxedo 1966

YSL Tuxedo 1966

Celebrities of all kinds have been spotted in eye-catching YSL designs. From Victoria Backham to Lucy Lu to the Olsen twins and Halle Berry, Hollywood can’t seem to get enough of Yves Saint Laurent’s bold colors and trendy tailoring.

Fashionistas, I have good news! If you haven’t heard yet, the Denver Art Museum is the one and only U.S. host to “YSL: The Retrospective”, which is a temporary exhibit showcasing the amazing collections of Yves Saint Laurent. The exhibit begins with his days at Dior and ends with his final fashion show. With over 40 years as a top designer in the fashion world, “YSL: The Retrospective” is quite the sight to see. The exhibit pays great homage to one of the most influential designers in history.

For those of us who only dream of wearing a Yves Saint Laurent dress for a night, the exhibit is more than perfect. As you walk in, you feel as if you’re at a snazzy party full of guests in every memorable evening gown designed by YSL. The luxurious fabrics and deep colors seem to project a feeling of sophistication that cannot be ignored; and because the showcase is arranged in chronological order, it’s as if you are traveling through time.

The exhibit will be at the Denver Art Museum until July 8th. For those who live more than a stroll away from the museum or for those who want to make the night one for the Fashionista books, I stumbled upon a cool hotel package through Denver’s Hotel Monaco, which includes a one night stay for two in a deluxe room and two VIP passes to the event! For more information on the exhibit, visit

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