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In the midst of adding a fifth venture to their list of e-commerce sites, BeachMint continues to become more popular among subscribers. BeachMint is a company who relies on social commerce to sell custom curated collections of jewelry, T-shirts, shoes and skin Care products.

Each site is co-hosted by a celebrity and industry professional, who select the pieces before they appear on the site. Upon sign-up you are asked a series of questions in order to better identify yourself. Following sign-up you are presented with a custom selection of items that align with your taste.


The companies fifth undertaking is HomeMint, which for $10 a month lets customers enjoy early access to new home decor accessories and furniture. The site will be co-hosted by Justin Timberlake and interior designer Estee Stanly.

Each site varies in once a month payments of $10-$79.98, however you can opt out anytime you feel the months selection is not for you. My personal reactions to the sites have been better than expected! I am sometimes skeptical to sign up for monthly sites that sell clothing and accessories. However, after ordering from JewelMint, I was pleasantly surprised with not only the quality of the piece but also the packaging!

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