Top Foods for Healthy Hair

As men and women with hair, we all have to deal with the daily issues our locks may bring. Don’t let it be a bad hair day because most of us will be quick to throw on a hat! The main concerns we are likely to have are: thinning, breakage, dry, flaky scalp, etc. So let’s review the top foods to turn around those problems.

healthy hair foods

  1. Salmon- Full of Omega 3’s which supports scalp health and also contains B-12 and iron
  2. Dark Green Vegetables- Amazing sources of Vitamins A & C which helps your body produce sebum.
  3. Beans- They’re good for your heart the more you eat them the more you fart the better you’ll feel so eat those beans for every meal (go ahead and laugh). But on a GREAT note beans provide enough protein to promote hair growth but also enough iron, zinc, and biotin.
  4. Nuts- Brazil nuts are a great source of selenium especially for your scalp. Walnuts are another good nut as well as they contain ALA (alpha linoleic acid) which helps condition your hair
  5. Poultry- High quality protein keeps your hair nice and strong
  6. Eggs- I’m a huge egg person and eggs contain biotin and Vitamin B-12
  7. Whole Grains- Some examples of whole grains: whole wheat bread, whole grain breakfast cereal, etc. These whole grains contain zinc, iron, and B Vitamins
  8. Oysters- I’m not an oyster person but they contain Zinc which you can also get from beef and lamb
  9. Low-Fat Dairy Products- Skim milk, yogurt, etc. are great sources of calcium and is important for hair growth. They both contain Casein and Whey.
  10. Carrots- Are an excellent source of Vitamin A and help with your vision as well.

As you can probably tell, most everything listed contains Vitamin B. I personally take a Super B-Complex vitamin. It’s yucky to me because it dissolves so fast, practically as soon as liquid touches it. But B Vitamins also help with converting food to energy.

Let’s grow some hair together!

Disclosure: All factual information courtesy of WebMD

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