3 Quick and Easy Summer Hairstyles!

The hot weather is here and blow dryers are moving into the cupboard under the sink, finally! I was browsing Elle.com and stumbled upon a couple awesome video tutorials on cool summer hair-do’s that are perfect for Fashionistas on the go. The tutorials had me trying stuff in the mirror for at least an hour…Visited some other fashion websites and really liked these 3 quick and easy summer hair styles:

The first video, called the “5 Minute Bohemian Updo”, I found on Elle is perfect for those of you with short hair and, preferably, an A-line cut. This easy, summer pool-side do is quick and you could probably do it without looking in the mirror. Start on the right side of your head, just above your ear. Take about an inch of hair, and begin to twist it in towards your head, adding pieces of hair as you move around the back of your head. Place a hair pin every so often to keep the twist in place. Once you reach your left ear, place a hair pin behind your ear and tuck the loose ends underneath the other layers of your hair (pin if necessary).

Bohemian Hairstyle

Sorry the video doesn’t have the option for sharing.

This next updo was probably my favorite. I have never seen it on someone before and it was super easy to do! It’s a technique to make your hair look like it’s in a bow on the top of your head. The video found on youtube.com is titled “Hairbow Tutorial” and features styling techniques for ladies with short or long hair. You simply take all of your hair and tie it up into a pony tail close to the top of your head. The last time you pull the pony tail through a hair-tie, you don’t pull it completely through, leaving a tail hanging down on your face. Use a hair pin to secure the tail in front of the hair-tie. Split the hair in the bun on top of your head into two even section, which become the wings of the bow. Take the tail you secured in front of the hair tie and bring it in between the separated bun and pin in the back. Viola!

Bow Hair Style

The last hair style I found that I really liked was considered a volumized pony tail, very Kim K-ish. Fashionista, this one requires taking a good flat iron and straightening your hair first, and is designed for those of you who have long hair. After straightening, section the crown of the hair (from the hair-line in the front to about 3/4 the way back on the head). Make sure this section is even, and secure it with a hair clip. Take the rest of your hair and loosely pull it all up into a pony tail. Tease the crown section of ¬†hair at the roots. Then brush the crown section back towards the pony tail you just did and secure the hair around the hair-tie with a couple of hair pins. Use a little hair spray when you’re finished for a sleek look that will last all day at the beach!

pony tail styles

Have fun trying these hair styles and post links to other cool and easy summer hairstyles in the comment box below!

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