Another Reason Why You Can Always Count on Toyota Corolla and a Fashion Icon


Have you seen the “Another Reason You Can Always Count on Toyota Corolla” commercials? My favorite is James and his shoes. James is standing in his closet trying to decide which pair of shoes to wear. From his collection, he settles on a pair of red with black and white striped high tops, and goes for a ride in his red Corolla. Arriving at his destination, James exists his car and meets an elderly woman wearing the same shoes! She looks down at James’ high tops, gives him a fist bump and says, “Dang son”. James spins around and heads into the shoe store…The Corolla was the easy choice.

Like James, the Corolla is an easy choice for many fashionistas. You can always count on a Toyota Corolla to get you where you need to go. If you’re like me, deciding what car you wanted to drive seemed far less complicated than deciding what to wear on a day-to-day basis. So the challenge of getting where you need to go likely begins in your closet too. What helps is to have a go-to fashion icon. I’m a big fan of Jennifer Lopez’s signature style. From casual to dressy, I can count on JLO to always look sophisticated and glam. She rocks the red carpet at every event, and often finds herself on the best dressed lists. I would wear almost anything in her closet!

Jennifer Lopez fashion

What I really admire about Lopez’s style is its attainability. Jennifer Lopez recently launched an affordable clothing line that reflects her personal style and love of fashion. Now, it’s easy to pull off a JLO look because you don’t have to make JLO money to dress like JLO…So, like James, when what’s in the closet just isn’t working out, fashionistas everywhere have yet another reason for counting on Corolla’s dependability—to go Shopping!

Imagine. Your local department store doesn’t have the dress you want in your size, so the sales associate puts it on hold at their second location. You’ve never been there before, but you don’t need directions because your super stylish Corolla came with a trusty on-board navigation system.

A message to you from Toyota
We think its tremendous popularity is proof that the 2012 Corolla offers the ideal blend of comfort, value and safety. In it, you’ll find a surprising number of high-end features, like available Display Audio system. It offers remarkable performance and fuel efficiency, plus an impressive list of standard safety features. Factor in its legendary reliability, and it’s even more apparent that Corolla is the smart choice.

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