A Summer Night to Remember at the Botanic Gardens

A Summer Night to Remember Hosted by For the Perfect You Apparel

Denver Fashion Shows

It was a summer night to remember at the Denver Botanical Gardens. On Sunday, June 24th, “For the Perfect You Apparel” hosted a fashion show that exuded class and elegance. With the Monet Pond as the backdrop, designers showed off their beautiful collections, models and sophistication to Denver locals.

Music was not allowed in the Monet area, but no music was needed for this show. The runway was a synthesis of fashion, flowers and Monet’s artistic floats. One could even reminisce and say this was a silent show of the olden days. With no music or orchestra, the gardens held a peaceful vibe, needing nothing more than the moving wind, sweet floral smells in the air and the birds in the sky. This show was a true presentation of fashion as a form of art.

Designers who were involved in the show were: For The Perfect You Apparel, Gabriela Designs, Sapphire Stars, Fashion of Rae Marie, Barrera International, Men’s Warehouse, Marie-Margot Couture, Kimono Dragon, Parasite Eve and Studio Yoshida.

My favorite designs from the show were from For The Perfect You Apparel, Sapphire Stars, and Marie-Margot Couture. For The Perfect You Apparel showed off a beautiful olive green corset and a floor length skirt that stunned the audience. Sapphire Stars whole collection had their models wearing calf length socks with heels and cute little dresses. I thought the concept was rather unique and could definitely take it on as a new trend. Marie-Margot Couture had amazing gowns that one could tell definitely took hours to create.

All proceeds from the silent auction were donated to The Rocky Mountain Skin Cancer Foundation. Enjoy the pics.