How to Apply the Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Salon Effects Step by Step

salon effects

Have you seen the awesome nail patterned polish everyone is wearing? Guess what? Now you can have it too! The application is so easy you will be offering to do your family and friends’ nails as well. The benefits of using the Sally Hansen Salon Effects is that they last up to 10 days, there are 40 different fashion styles available and they can be easily taken off with a nail polish remover.


In order to get a professional look using the Sally Hansen Salon Effects, first you need to prep your nails. Make sure your nails are clean and dry before you start. Using the wooden stick provided by the Sally Hansen Salon Effects kit, push back your cuticles. This step may hurt a little, but remember beauty is pain.

Now that your cuticles are pushed back, use the hot pink side of the file provided within the kit to shape your nail edges. If you want your nails to look smooth and rounded, this is a very important step. Next, take the white side of the file and smooth the surface of your nails. This step will buff out any layers that may show through the finished polish.

THIS NEXT STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT, IT CAN MAKE OR BREAK YOUR SALON EFFECT NAILS!!! Using nail polish remover, remove all the nail polish on your nails. This step also ensures that your nails will be free from any dirt and oil. Using nail polish remover will also make your manicure last longer. Then with warm water, rinse and dry your nails.

Now you are ready to apply the Sally Hansen Salon Effects! (Make sure you have two packages of polish strips in your kit, the package I got only had one package. When I went to get my money back they gave me a hard time). When applying the Salon Effects it is better if your hands are warm, it will make the polish strips flexible for more stretch. Although for a more uniform look, try to avoid over-stretching the pattern. Now, select the best fitting strip for your nail, peel the clear plastic protective cover from the nail polish strip. Take off the polish strip tab and hold the polish strip within the mid-section. Do not wait to long to apply the polish strip to your nail, it will dry out. Shape the best fitting side of the strip to your cuticles and press firmly. Continue pressing the strip all the way down, keeping free from any wrinkles until your entire nail is covered. Shape the excess polish strip over the edge of your nails to form a crease.


Repeat this step for all nails.

Using the light pink side of the file provided within your kit, file away any excess from your nail edge. Once you see the excess is disconnected from the nail edge, you can pull it off. If you notice you have some of the polish strip on or around your cuticles use the flat side of the wooden stick and press within the creases. This step will make the excess come right off. If some of the polish strips are too small for your nail and some of your nail is still showing, use the excess from another nail to cover that portion. Due to most of the fashion styles being patterned, it is easy to conceal that you used two different sections to cover your nail.


For maximum control, it is suggested that the polish strips be applied to the thumbs last. To remove the polish, just use nail polish remover.

Congratulations!!!!! Now you have professional looking Sally Hansen Salon Effects nails. Call up your friends and go show them off!!!

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