Desperate Housewives Season 5 Premiere Episode 1 Review Recap “You’re Gonna Love Tomorrow”

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“You’re Gonna Love Tomorrow”

5 years later…? Well, we weren’t sure if it would work. BUT we love it and we want more! Last night’s 5th season premiere of “Desperate Housewives” was deliciously sinful.
Gabrielle is a homely mom that is struggling with her 4 year old daughter’s weight. Gabrielle definitely needs her sexy back. I’d like to see less bullying and more of Gabrielle and her daughter working together towards a healthier lifestyle. For a start, I’d suggest mommy and me exercise classes.*Weak story line. Needs further development.

Lynette’s twins boys are sixteen years old and very mischievous. Sadly, Lynette and Tom are parental opposites and can’t agree on what’s okay or not okay for the boys. They definitely need therapy but I don’t want to see them get a divorce. Where are the rest of their children? * Good story line.

Bree is very busy with her new cooking show, interviews, and the publishing of her very first cookbook containing borrowed/ stolen recipes from Katherine. *Good story line. I love to hate Bree!

Last Season’s Kiss Twist Cliff Hanger Revealed
Susan and Mike had a boy! However, Susan is secretly seeing someone new. We also find out that Susan is feeling guilty about a mom and daughter who died in a car accident that she and Mike were unfortunately involved in. It is also made apparent that this is the reason why Susan and Mike got a divorce. Flash backs reveal an argument in which Susan believed that the accident was their fault but Mike countered that the driver hit them and that Susan just didn’t want to be happy. Mike couldn’t handle the post traumatic stress of the accident, so he walked out on Susan. Five years later, Susan and Mike are very cordial towards one another and share custody and visitation. Susan does finally tell Mike that she is seeing someone new and he seems genuinely happy for her. Strong story line!

Edie has moved back into her old house with her new husband. Her husband is a man who gets what he wants- In fact there wasn’t even a vacancy on Wisteria Lane…Dave knocks on the door of Edie’s rental property. A man opens the door. Dave offers to buy him out of his lease plus moving expenses. The man refuses the deal. A discussion takes place behind closed doors. Next scene, the man hastily leaves the property with a couple of suitcases in hand. Later, we find out that it was Dave who wanted to move into the neighborhood-not Eddie. Dave is mentally ill and is out for revenge! Strongest story line.
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