Denver Fashion Week at New Culture Boutique

The second day of Denver Fashion Week took place Monday, August 6th, at the New Culture Boutique on 2220 E. Colfax Ave. When walking into the New Culture Boutique you could hear fashion lovers starting up conversation and the excitement of everyone anticipating the evening and upcoming days of Denver Fashion Week.

The fashion show took place within the upper level of New Culture Boutique. The people attending Monday’s night event were served delicious finger foods of cheese, ham, chicken, crackers and mouthwatering fruits. The drinks were served by bartender Leo from Broadways (located at 10th and Broadway, Denver). The fashion show presented collections by designers Ray Marie Designs, YetiBetty, All the Above, Bobbie Garcia, Misc Designs and Champagne Clothing, and gave everyone a taste of what’s to be expected for the rest of the week.

As the music by DJs Kid Everlast and Erik Estrada started, the models were lined up and the show began with Ray Marie Designs. The designs showcased by Ray Marie were energetic and made bold statements for the sexy, edgy, chic women who are in love with style. Rae Marie creates custom made pieces that can complement any wardrobe need. The pieces that walked down the runway by her amazing models were the abstract print leggings and matching jacket that you may have seen at the I Love Couture 3 fashion show last weekend. Her long sleeve floor length teal dress with embroidery at the bust and a slit in the center back, which was accessorized with a thin gold belt was also a pleasure to see again. Another look we love is the asymmetric black dress, neon yellow and black panel skirt with a vent in center back. Stealing the runway, was the black tent dress with sequins at the edges of the three layers. Last, but not least, was a floor length V-neck dress cinched at the waist with a wide black belt. This dress had striped cut-outs on the back.

Yetibetty by couture designer Kristin Pelletier showcased a variety of pieces with different textiles, exciting appliques and eye twisting textures.

All the Above showed off their their high-quality, stylish, creative clothing that gives oneself expression through fashion. The clothing company not only delivers high-quality garments, but supports charities by giving 10% of the profits made by ATA to charitable organizations and causes around the world. To remind consumers of the meaning behind the design, on the inside tag of each shirt it says “ATA GIVES.” The graphic t-shirts shown by ATA during the Denver Fashion Week fashion show had inspiring, motivational quotes from song lyrics, books and text.

Bobbie Garcia stunned the Denver Fashion Week viewers with their amazing evening dresses and new club wear that had inventive fabrics and shapes. Champagne Clothing was another designer at the Monday night Denver Fashion Week fashion show. Champagne showed off their statement graphic t-shirts and blue denim jeans.

The night was amazing! It was the perfect setting for a girl’s night or a date. It was an opportunity to meet new people and enjoy the unique local designer collections of Denver. If you love fashion, stay tuned for more excitement as Denver Fashion Week continues. Check out the schedule at:

Pictures coming soon. First Class Fashionista is a proud media partner and sponsor of Denver Fashion Week. Our mission is to support our local designers and models.

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