Creating Personal Style or Manufacturing Carbon Copies?

vintage bikinis
Photo Credit: Unique Vintage

With more and more sites emerging that put together “custom” collections for shoppers like and customers, are we just following a trend that makes us look even more similar when it comes to style?

Sites like and require users to pay a monthly fee and then personal stylists put together unique show rooms full of shoes and accessories that the shopper can choose from. Each piece is priced at an even rate and shoppers may only pick from their specific show room collection. If the shopper doesn’t like any of the items, they can pass on that showroom and wait for the next one in a month. Seems easy and fun right?

With millions of users on each site every month, the showrooms must begin to look alike. Similar pieces must appear in multiple showrooms. I can’t speak for all Fashionistas, but I hate showing up to an event or party and seeing another guest wearing the same shoes as me!

While these websites are making online shopping super easy and relatively inexpensive, the art of finding one-of-a-kind accessories via the world wide web is becoming obsolete. So Fashionista, I challenge you to support your local designers, go to thrift stores and resale shops or go through your mom’s closet to find unique, one-of-a-kind pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Share your finds with us in the comment spot below!  Happy shopping Fashionistas!

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