The Politics of Fashion

Denver University was host to the presidential debate this past Wednesday and welcomed candidates President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney to the stage to duke it out. But, believe it or not, the real question on everyone’s mind is… Who wore it best?

Presidential Debate Denver pictures

Presidents and presidential candidates alike have just as many stylists and image consultants as they do speech writers and editors. The classic look we are all accustomed to seeing our Chief of Staff in is something the American people are comfortable with. The crisp, white, button-down shirt. The well-tailored dark blue or black suit. A red or blue tie and, of course, the American flag pinned on the lapel of the suit jacket. Any stray from this norm causes critics to push politicians into objects of ridicule. Just to name a few of the faux pas, has mentioned Obama’s mom jeans, Bill Clinton’s short-shorts, and Paul Ryan’s ill-fitting suits.

Does this so-called uniform really matter? Studies say yes and furthermore suggest that a presidential candidate’s choice of dress can influence a citizen’s mark on the ballot. The classic suit and tie look has been a symbol of business and power in the United States since the 1920’s. This symbol urges the American people to trust and respect its leaders far more than if our President were wearing his sweatpants at the State of the Union Address…A video I found on mentioned that presidents and presidential candidates will rock the classic suit when addressing the masses but tend to casualize their look when traveling and campaigning to smaller groups. This, supposedly, makes the President or candidate seem more approachable and relateable.

So I ask again, who wore it best? Share your thoughts with us. Leave a comment below.

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