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As a fashion blogger, it is my job to know everything that is going on in fashion. I also have to keep up with pop culture so that I can keep my readers informed. Over the past couple months I have been obsessed with two of the world’s leading models. I found out about them about a year ago but I really haven’t paid that much attention to them until their edgy looks caused them to explode in the fashion industry. It just so happens, that both of these edgy top models are men.  Now everyone has a preconceived notion about what a male model is right? I know I do. Six foot four inches, dark skin, thick hair and can could definitely walk around naked. Both of these top models, however, are nothing short of the antithesis of the stereotypical male model. This first model has been featured in several shows and ad campaigns. Discovered by Jean Paul Gaultier at the model-prime age of 19, he has single handedly revolutionized the modeling industry. His name is Andrej Pejic. He is nothing short of an anomaly in today’s world. Born in Bosnia, and raised in Australia, Pejic is today’s face of androgyny.  Seen in both male and female clothing Pejic is the poster child of the “double-take.” Named one of OUT magazines 100 most compelling people, and has worked with a plethora of famous models and designers such as Karolina Kurkova, Marc Jacobs, and of course Jean Paul Gaultier. See for yourself.

Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejic

The other model is on another end of the spectrum, but perhaps just as revolutionary. I am a personal fan of tattoos ( I have four) and  I love seeing them on people, it makes them unique. Rick Genest, obviously feels the same. Genest started off as a performer at various side shows. Getting his full body tattooed at just nineteen, he began working as a performer. Mastering things like lying on a bed of nails and fire swallowing was his main attraction. Discovered by the personal stylist of Lady Gaga, Rick Genest quickly rose to fame. Appearing in her Born This Way video, Genest’s career follows Gaga around quite often. After his debut in the hit video, Nicola Formichetti, Gaga’s personal stylist, and head of Thierry Mugler (a majorly Avant-Garde, Paris fashion house) decided to use Genest in a runway show and several campaigns. It’s amazes me that someone can accomplish all of this and can have over 80% of his body tattooed. Today, Rick Genest is trying to get back into performing, but he still shocks people in the fashion world.

Rick Genest

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