Everlane Review: It Could Be Your Perfect Fit

Simply put: I love Everlane. It is the one company next to Warby Parker that I am 100% devoted to. For so long I was in search of the “perfect t-shirt”. You know, the right fabric, the right cut, the right price, not too tight, not too boxy—THE shirt. Shocking, I never found it…UNTIL I discovered Everlane. On the blogosphere, I started hearing about this company called Everlane and their amazing t-shirts. Still in search of the one, I checked it out. I thought I was dreaming when I joined the site, $15 for a t-shirt!? This can’t be real life. Bloggers were raving about the quality, but I wasn’t sold. I’m not much of an online shopper, so I decided to wait.

I spent this past summer living in New York and on June 28th I finally found the perfect shirt when I experienced Everlane first-hand. Everlane rented a space for four days, and called it “Not a Shop” Summer Pop Up. In the space on Prince St. interested consumers could browse the collections of shirts and bags, as well as try on the tees. I tried on a classic tee and a shirt from the Ryan Collection. In the store were laptops, so after you found your fit you could purchase it right away online. I purchased the classic v-neck tee and yellow striped tote, as well as waitlisted myself for the Ryan Pocket Tee. I anxiously waited for my package to arrive and once it did, I knew I had made the best decision ever.

What makes Everlane so great is that they cut out the middlemen…those extra steps in the manufacturing process that make the tees you normally love $50 or more. Everlane even delivers the same quality with tees ranging from $15- $30. Not only do they cut out the middlemen but they function as an online company, cutting back on costs and retail markups.

Since then, I ordered a backpack from the collection that premiered in September and have never been so impressed with the durability of the backpack, considering my almost daily usage. I recently acquired the French Terry women’s sweatshirt last week and I haven’t been able to take it off. Now, I don’t typically rave about companies or products, but when a company delivers on what they are promising and delivers more than what I expect, I have to share.

Last Friday, Everlane launched The Essential Scarf Collection, which is full of warm hues in the finest silks. And the countdown is on…November 1st they will launch their collections of cashmere, silk blouses for her, and oxfords for him. You know I’m excited!

With plenty for him and her, Everlane has the perfect clothing and accessories for you and will make greats gifts for the quickly approaching holiday season.

You’re invited to join today with my personal invitation code http://www.everlane.com/i/7fj9x9 !

So for this week’s look, I paired my new Everlane gunmetal sweatshirt over my LBD, red belted it and layered with my jean vest. And as always, you can catch me on campus wearing my snap backpack in khaki green.

everlane tee shirts

everlane backpack

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