Tips for Going Clubbing or to the Bar for Men

Guys Going Out RULES

As a guy I often wonder what I should wear out. Let’s face it, the reason guys even put effort into how they look is to attract females. I mean if you think about it, it’s not an unusual concept. In fact, I would take a risk and say we are one of the only species that actually puts a conscious effort into how we look when trying attract a “mate”; whereas, in most species, it’s second nature.

I remember watching an episode of the “Big Bang Theory” (my favorite show), and seeing one of the characters compare human mating, or the act of courtship, to that of a peacock. For those of you who may have missed biology class in the 10th grade, the pretty blue and green peacocks are the BOYS and the ugly, chicken-looking brown, boring ones are the females. Well during mating season, the male peacocks spread their tail feathers creating a visual display to hopefully attract females. However, since humans are not blue or green nor do we have fancy tail feathers, we have to improvise. A human’s pretty tail feathers that create our visual display are our clothes. And I bet you money, the reason most guys get dressed up and go to overcrowded clubs, where it just so happens to be ladies night—isn’t because they want to have some bar time with the boys. Guys you know how much I LOVE advice; so if you are an aspiring Fashionisto let me clue you in on how to be a pretty peacock with your clothing, and one that isn’t too overwhelming one.

1. If you got it, flaunt it!: There are SO many guys that just don’t know how to WEAR clothes. I know it sounds a little off kilter, but guys if you got a feature you are proud of, SHOW IT OFF. Now, I’m not saying hit the bar bare-chested, but certain clothes and details within an outfit can draw attention to your assets. For example, POCKETS. Pockets are the fashion industries arrows. Be they on your chest or on your Gluteus Maximus (your butt) they ultimately draw the eye. So if you are proud of a certain feature and you can rock it, wear something with a pocket IN that location. Something simple as a pocket, strategically placed, will draw your onlookers eyes to wear you want them to be.

fashion and jeans

2. DO NOT PEACOCK WITH YOUR HAIR: One of my biggest pet peeves in the whole entire world is over worked hair. Now, for some people called “guidos” living in a certain garden state on a certain shoreline, this might be semi-acceptable. But if you’re putting so much product in your hair that it looks like shiny, greasy, plastic—take a shower and try again. Believe it or not, several hair products tell you how to apply it on the back of the container. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, the instructions are likely to help make your hair stay where you want it to, without looking like you care more about your hair than getting a date.

His hair is probably too cute.

men hairstyles

3. Load on the deodorant, cut down on the cologne: Guys here’s one of my all- time favorite rules for going out. Guys, we sweat and when we sweat, we stink. The last thing you want while trying to attract a chick (or a dude) is smelling like B.O. So, I slather my underarms with deodorant, you can’t really smell it and it protects you longer. But just like the girls, we like to smell nice.. When going out, the goal is to please all the five sense of the person you are trying to attract. Fellas put on cologne, but PLEASE apply it sparingly. Here’s what I mean: 1 spray for the chest, 1 for the neck and 1 that you rub between your wrists. I don’t want a CLOUD of Aqua de Gio following a guy around the club, not cute.

gas mask and perfume

4. WEAR THE CLOTHES, don’t let the clothes wear you: I harp on this tip all the time! You must be comfortable in what you’re wearing and by extension be self-confident. This leads me to my next point. BE YOURSELF. You may not think that your acting and it isn’t obvious, it is. Public can tell if you’re faking it or not, and this is often a case of the clothes wearing you. If you are confident and charming, what you wear can enhance that.

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What are YOUR personal rules for going out attire? Tell us what YOU think. Leave a comment!

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