What Drives More Website Traffic: Celeb Gossip or Fashion?

Do Celebrities Drive More Website Traffic than Fashion?

Celebrity vs Fashion

As most of you know I am currently a fashion student, graduating soon and, something that I as a writer for First Class Fashionista has often wondered is which articles do internet surfers actually read the most: Celebrity or fashion? Here, at First Class Fashionista, we cover both topics. So this subject is something that peaks my curiosity. Plus the research I do could benefit you, our valued FCF readers, as well. If we find you like reading one more than the other, then we are more than likely going to write more articles of popular interest.

The other day I was having a discussion with Lonza (the founder of FCF) and she brought up an interesting theory pertaining to this question. She said that overall fashion articles probably receive more hits because unlike most celebrity articles they’re not time sensitive. So the understanding is that celebrity articles have a limited lifespan, whereas fashion articles tend to have up to a year of longevity. I set out to prove or disprove this theory.

I started with an online function of Google called Google Trends. This facet of Google shows which subjects or key phrases are being searched the most often. Obviously, with the election season upon us, 6 out of the 9 trending searches were politically related. So here’s how I relate the topics trending on Google to the original question. I consider political articles and celebrity articles to be on the same time sensitivity level. However one has to take into account, of course, that a presidential election is a nationwide event; whereas fashion, although being international, is still rather limited in its audience. That’s another assumption I am going to make. People who read fashion magazines are probably up to date on fashion, or at least followers of the fashion industry. Most people who love fashion know that trends are fleeting and every season presents a new in trend. Thus, shortening the validity of fashion articles by half because there are two seasons in the fashion world. Now there are parts of fashion that are less fickle like hair, and those trends can last a year or more.

Webmasters and those who consider themselves SEO experts, when searching Google for “Men’s Hairstyles” the drop down menu of Google came up with the most popular search related to my search and it was “Men’s Hairstyles of 2012”. When searching “Men’s Winter Fashion”, however, the drop down menu became way more specific, leading into men’s F/W 2012. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it’s the season of fall/winter for 2012. This fact leads me to believe that not only do celebrity stories have an expiration date, so does fashion articles. Another fact that leads me to come to the conclusion that celebrity articles are more often read is: people are often less informed about the fashion industry. For example, when it comes to fashion versus celebrity, more people are likely to be aware of Brad Pitt versus Yohji Yamamoto. So regardless of the season, celebrity articles are likely to reap more web traffic.

Basically, I think most people will read an article about someone they know rather than someone they’ve never heard of, and the fashion world is a lot larger than the U.S. On the web, there are numbers that the powers that be assign certain websites based on their web traffic and the lower the number the more traffic your site is probably getting. So, I decided to compare two of the most famous gossip and fashion sites on the web and see which had more traffic. Everyone knows the king of gossip and celeb news is Perez Hilton. Everyone also knows his claim to fame is a celeb news blog he started. Anyway, his site ranks 424th in the US, which means he has HUGE amounts of web traffic. Then I compared the rankings with that of Vogue. I WAS SHOCKED. Vogue.com has a ranking of 6,899. This means that more people in the US visit Perez Hilton’s site than Vogue’s site. That right there is a perfect example and answer to the original question pertaining to whether people read celebrity news or fashion news more on the web? The answer: People tend to read more about celebrities than fashion. HOWEVER, I know my First Class Fashionista readers reads BOTH!

Tell me what you think! Do you read celeb gossip or fashion articles more often??

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