Front Range Fashion Show Review and Pics!

You know I know a lot of our readers think that fashion is defined by those “in power” aka huge designer labels. But, to be honest, I think it’s the smaller local fashion designers that really help the industry grow. Denver, Colorado, where First Class Fashionista is based, has never really been considered a fashion capital. However, recently, we have obtained national attention and in part because of our amazing local talent. I was lucky enough to attend a smaller event that hosted four such talented designers. This event was held at Front Range community college and was organized by a guy who seems to be getting busier by the second, Georgez Dabit. Some of you may remember FCF’s visit to Fashion 4 a Cause, he also helped plan and direct that show. This event was to showcase four different fashion collections by Acire, Gabriela Martinez, Jme’s Touch, and Eco J’adore.

  1. Eco J’adore– This was the first collection to stomp the catwalk. The collection consisted of different types of bags, everything from backpacks to clutches were showcased. Sticking with a monochromatic brown color scheme the designer conveyed a message of aged brilliance. The wardrobe choices for this section of the show was a plain white t-shirt and a pair of basic blue, denim  jeans, but the blandness of the clothing really helped the focused handbags pop.  All the bags were very structured and angular, I feel that angles almost convey either super vintage or super futuristic, in this case, they complimented the vintage fabric creating an overall cohesive look to the collection as a whole.

  2. Jme’s Touch– The second and largest portion of the show was done by this participant of the Front Range Show.  Probably the most eclectic collection of the evening it all fell under a certain feel, rather than a certain look. What I mean is the whole collection really reflected the women that would be wearing the garments, you could really see who she was designing for. She was designing for the eccentric adult women.  Much of the collection featured things like sequins and fringe, which are so polarizing in the fashion industry, you either hate them or you love them.  The collection is what I would describe as a club collection. These are garments that one would wear not necessarily to the club but just out on the town. The clothing brought a very urban feel, creating a fun ambiance for the whole show. The show actually reminded me of the feeling one might get when watching a Betsy Johnson show. It was fun, youthful and eccentric. The other thing I really liked about this collection was it was obviously made for a variety of women. The clothing ranged from very skinny to plus size.  This collection has the remarkable talent of making ANYONE’S legs look ten miles long. I kid you not, every model wearing one of this designers garments was stomping the runway like Naomi Campbell and her ten foot legs.

  3. Acire– The designer Erica Vallejo is actually a personal friend and peer of mine at the Art Institute of Colorado displayed her senior collection called “Lavish Delicacy” at this show. Three of the pieces were part of her senior collection and the other two ensembles she threw in because they meshed well with her line. Coming from the same program and school that she’s in I can honestly say this is probably the most Couture Line. Inspired by the film “Titanic,” this line updates the styles of the historical garments seen in that movie. With beaded lace and a silky satin, this senior collection lives up to its name. What I like about this line the most is I know how much work she put into this. Carrying this collection for 9+ months she has taken it all the way from fashion sketches, through patter nmaking, and up through production. It is incredibly obvious to me how much love went into this collection.

  4. The last designer is someone who I can never say anything bad about. Gabriela Martinez is a designer I have come to admire because of her beautiful designs. I thought that she was going to show the same collection that she showed at Fashion 4 a Cause, and I was wrong. She did show some pieces of the previous collection but she also showed some new items. And I can honestly say, that these ensembles BLEW me out of the water! Everyone know I’m a huge fan of the “Golden Age” of Hollywood, and to me these garments were a reinterpretation of this lavish age. Her mixture of patterns and fabrics is flawless. Gabriela excels in balancing sexy and sultry. Many of her designs show off a lot of leg but at the same time remain classic, and tasteful. As I said before, I have nothing but good things to say about this talented designer. I hope I will be able to see her collections more and more.

Enjoy the pics. Photography by Nicholas B.

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