Winter Facial Care with the Fitness Fashionista


This summer I was introduced to Lush by NFL player Jerome Simpson based on a tweet he said about the soap being amazing. Needless to say I was hooked. I thought that Lush was just all about soaps but I found out that it was more than just soap. Lush is a company that makes fresh handmade cosmetics.

After trying out a few soaps I decided to take another trip to the store to try out the facial products. My skin type is oily and my T-zone is my main culprit. So in the summer the associate got me to start a new regimen because the current facial products on the market weren’t working for me. She suggested I try Herbalism, Ultrabland, and the moisturizer Enzymion. So I used it all summer and my face cleared up TREMENDOUSLY!!

I would use Herbalism in the morning and use a dab of Enzymion right after. Then prior to me working out and before going to bed I would use Ultrabland. Ultrabland is an oil-based cleanser that is great for my oily skin. It’s great because my oil glands don’t produce as much because I’m using the oil based cleanser. I was really skeptical about putting more oil on my face and ironically it worked.

Now that winter is approaching us I’ve had to switch cleansers. I have now switched to Coalface which is a bar of powdered charcoal that absorbs excess oil and acts as a mild exfoliator, while rosewood and sandalwood oils reduce redness and clear up blemishes. This chunk of soap is awesome.

The cool thing about Lush is that you get to pick and choose how much of the product you want to buy. Don’t be afraid of the price because the products last you a really long time. When I recently bought Coalface I spent $11 on the bar and its going to last me over a month which means I’m getting my money’s worth.

This Holiday season stop by Lush and just give some of the products a try you might find some stuff that could change the way your skin looks and feels. No more over the counter products for my face. I’m OFFICIALLY a LUSH Cosmetics girl.

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