Yoga Clothing for Men

One of today’s most popular athletic activities—which even has a huge celebrity following is yoga. It can range from a spiritual meditation method to sculpting and toning your body. For women this slice of the garment industry is HUGE. Many high-end retailers carry yoga clothing such as Lululemon and Juicy Couture. But women are not the only people who practice the yogic lifestyle.  I have several male friends who are active participants in yoga, and wearing gym shorts to their yoga classes. That’s not right. Women’s yoga clothing (well, almost all women’s clothing) tends to be more dynamic and interesting, so why not men’s. Yoga wear, though very diverse, is fairly simple at its core design. Movable (tight fitting and stretch) clothing that accentuates the body’s movements is really the only requirements for yoga practice. Designers can simply take their female designs, and alter them in colors and prints to appeal to a male demographic. The third Google caffeine search result was “yoga clothing for men”. This means that my friends are not the only people on this planet trying to obtain male yoga clothing. When searching Google images for male yogic clothing, the results were HIGHLY limited. According to this pictorial search, it looks like men only wear tight “under armor” type shirts with a lightweight cropped pant. THAT’S SO LAME! So to help all you guys out, I have searched and scoured the internet for REAL yoga clothing for men and here are some of the best:

asana green logo

  1. Asana Green- This is one of the leading carriers of all yoga clothing. Their company was SECOND on the Google search engine. After perusing some of their online stock, even though the designs are simple, there is still a variety of clothing to choose from. The site itself is a compilation of several different companies designs, allowing the user who is less worried about the label attached to search for quality. There are several different kinds of bottoms, from full length pants to shorts for hot yoga use. These shorts belong to a very famous brand of yoga clothing called Prana. And, I think the fact they even cater to different kinds of yoga speaks to their experience with yoga clothing. The prices are totally worth the staple garments that will have to perform under stress (as you yoga people know). Below is the link to both the Asana Green website as will as Prana’s homs site.


  1. Lululemon– This was one of the high-end companies that decided to expand into the male market. This company offers stylish yoga clothing that frankly looks like everyday clothing. Men’s stylish ANYTHING is hard to find and so this company has definitely recognized that niche market of men who practice yoga. This is one of the only sites where I found skin tight, men’s yoga pants.

Now, one should also know what to look for when purchasing this athletic wear. The first important quality that a yoga outfit must have is wicking capabilities. Wicking means that the fabric or garment will pull the sweat away from your body and the garment usually dries pretty quickly. Building from that concept, guys we sweat a lot; so one should pick a color that doesn’t show off how much you you’ve sweated. So to have your cake and eat it too, stay away from lighter colors. The lighter the color, the more apparent your sweat stains are going to be. So black is always a solid color to go with. Black will hide those unsightly sweat rings. Lastly, feel comfortable in the clothing. If something does not fit right, then it could prevent you from obtaining the full benefit of yoga.

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