Fitness Fashionista Spotlight Feature: Tiffany Upshaw

I, the Fitness Fashionista, would like to introduce you all to a wonderful young woman. Her name is Tiffany Upshaw. She gave me the honor of being able to interview her and I jumped on it.

1. Hi, Tiffany would you please give my readers a brief introduction as to who you are and what you do?

Where do I begin! I’ve been an endorsed athlete and fitness model with Optimum Nutrition & American Bodybuilding since 2008 and compete in NPC Bikini competitions. I qualified to compete on a National level back in August and I do have an aspiration to become an IFBB Bikini Pro. I’m also in my Senior year at Florida Gulf Coast University, graduating in April of 2013 with my Bachelors Degree in Communications and a minor in Philosophy.

2. Can you walk us through “A day in the life of Tiffany”?

Wake up at 6:30am, do cardio, shower and get ready for class, go to work or if I’m off I’ll go straight to the gym and then go about my day =) Pretty simple, nothing crazy.

3. When did you start competing in fitness competitions and why?

My first show was in 2009, when the NPC added the Bikini division. I was so thrilled because it was my first show and I took 1st place! I started competing because I wanted to get into shape and my current trainer told me about competing and thought it was something that I had potential for.

4. What is your favorite body part to train and some of your favorite exercises?

Although I truly enjoy working all parts of my body, I’d say my favorite body parts to train are my legs, back and arms. I love defined/toned arms on a female as well as tight legs. I love deadlifts, plyo work, lunges, squats for leg days. My favorite for back is bent-over rows, dumb bell flyes, and pull downs. For arms, I just enjoy the basics: dumbbell curls, seven’s, and boxing with light dumbbells.

5. I recall seeing you talk about embarking on a new business venture. Would you care to share?

The Scoopie is something that I created out of the need for simplicity. We’ve all had the issues with trying to get our pre-workout or protein powder into small spouts (that of a water bottle sometimes) and had spillage everywhere. This solves that problem with having a funnel on the end and simply, scooping, snapping, and pouring without the messy spills.

6. So why the name “The Scoopie”?

My business partner came up with the name. It was catchy, quirky, and described what it was in a sense, “Scoop”.

7. Where can my readers find more information about “The Scoopie”?

More information on The Scoopie can be found at , , or

8. What’s next for you? Upcoming competitions in 2013?

I will be starting my prep back in January to get ready for another national level show. I’m currently taking thsi time to maintain my size and physique so that proper gains can be made in sculpting my physique =) I’m not sure yet as to what shows I will be competing in…stay tuned!

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Instagram: tiffanyyupshaw

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