Trend Watch for Fall / Winter 2013

In the fashion industry there are certain resources that designers and fashion students, like myself, have access to for trend forecasting reports. One of the most influential and popular websites in the fashion industry is a forecasting site called Stylesight. Even though this is a paid membership website, it is totally worth it for blooming designers. Anyway, I think, that to move fashion forward and to inspire consumer confidence, the general public should have access to what the professionals think is going to be popular for the following season. The public needs a resource that tells them exactly what is in fashion and what is not. And here, at First Class Fashionista, that’s what we do. So I’m going to let our readers have a little sneak peak of what the professionals of the fashion industry think is going to be hot in Fall/Winter 2013. For every season Stylesight creates four distinct mega-trends where they think all fashionable apparel will fall into. So for F/W 2013, the four mega-trends are materials, color, and general silhouette.


This trend predicts the use of metallic fabrics, both in color and in fiber content. This forecasted season seems to be all about optical illusions or fabric/materials that have an unconventional look to them. The trend begins with talking about the metallic fabrics that create almost a prosthetic feel, then it moves into materials with nap. Nap is a technical term for something like fur or velvet, where if you push the fur or velvet (aka pile) up it looks different than if you push it down. Another illusion created by fabric can be found in the forecasted prints. The prints on the fabrics can be described as busy, repetitive, and even psychedelic. The next part of this mega-trend Stylesight has predicted will be popular is the use of glitter and beading to create the desired design on the fabric, rather than the design being printed. So, BASICALLY, the name of the game is to pick garments made of unconventional or visually chaotic fabrics.


This report focuses on five colors that are expected to be seen in the fashion world in F/W 2013. Now on this report, they give the colors super fancy, creative names like Auric Gold. I, however, will simplify things because I don’t even know what Auric means. So, the five colors that Style Sight has in its prediction are a magenta-berry color, a pastel/pale gold, three shades of turquoise, three shades of purple including a lilac, a true purple and a dark purple, three shades of teal varying from little blue to lots of blue. These are not necessarily the only colors you guys will see on the runways, but these are the fashion colors that add a good pop to any outfit. The garments of this season will probably not be of these colors only. Fall has a favored color palette of black. So, like I said, these five colors are more than likely going to be the pop or accent hues of the staple colors. These pieces are not only fashionable because of their color, but they would fit perfectly with the material and silhouette predictions as well!

General Silhouette

This particular mega-trend deals heavily with historical influences to forecast the future trends. The whole mantra of this trend is vintage military meets tuxedo shirts. The vintage military looks primarily falls in with woven tops. Double breasted vests with bold prints marks the coming of this trend. The tuxedo shirt trend really focuses on the tuxedo collar. The technical term for this type of color is the wingtip collar, the look is if you were to “pop” your collar and fold just the points down. However, this trend is not so limited to military and tuxedos, it follows many other things all revolving around the concept of vintage or traditional. Also bold prints are to accompany these rather simplistic designs. But to sum things up, collared dress shirts with bold prints and cropped tapered pants are predicted to be a part of fashion in 2013.

Disclosure: This is a monetized post. Regardless, our team at First Class Fashionista only recommends products or services we use, will use or have used personally and believe will be good for our readers. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. All opinions stated here are my own. In cases where we can not support a product, that product will not be featured at FCF.

About NicholasB

Hi, I'm Nick. I started off at the University of Colorado at Boulder studying Pre-Med but always had a passion for the arts and gossip/fashion publications. After my sophomore year at CU, I transferred to the Art Institute of Colorado to pursue a career in Fashion Design. Now, after two and a half years of attending AI, I am nearing graduation and completing my externship requirements with First Class Fashionista . I hope to continue my education to pursue a masters and possibly a doctorate in fashion culture.

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