Men’s Hats: What Hats to Wear and Avoid

Men’s Hats Style Guide

My topic today guys is, hats. Hats, in my opinion, are probably one of the most important accessories and worn properly can make a good outfit, PERFECT. Now to women hats are a variety of things; to men, on the other hand, the category of hats primarily consists of Bob Marley- beanies or baseball hats. This market is so unexplored by today’s male society. I know hats haven’t exactly been in style of late but who doesn’t wear a hat once and a while? Whether it be to cover up a bad hair day or to sport your style, here are some hats that I recommend everyone try.

1. Trapper hat- I know it sounds like something weird but TRUST ME, they’re awesome. Hats seem to always serve a function, and this hat’s function is warmth. If you don’t know what one looks like, they’re the hats with the ear flaps. I’m not saying to wear the plaid ones that make you look like a lumberjack, there are fashionable alternatives! I own one and I LOVE IT. I think this type of hat can work with any style. From clean cut to grunge, this hat is very versatile. During winter, this hat totally trumps the beanie. Guys, get real, if you’re wearing a beanie; rarely will anyone see you as polished. What I’m trying to say is beanies work with ONE kind of style, whereas this trapper hat can spice up a wardrobe.

2. Trucker Hat- I love these. Even though I have a personal bias against baseball caps (because they look weird on me), I think these hats should be included in every guys wardrobe. Remember when I was talking about function, this hat DEFINITELY has a purpose. When your hair doesn’t sit right and looks like a bird nested on your head, this hat is a quick and stylish way to cover it up. The nice thing about these hats is due to their net back they are breathable. I know, when I wear an actual baseball hat my head gets hot and I eventually take it off (revealing my bird nest hair). NOT CUTE. But trucker hats have such a nice breeze to the back of your head that it can be worn even in the sweltering heat.

3. Beanies- We all know how I feel about beanies. However, there are right ways and right times to wear your beanie. I am NOT condoning the wearing of those tight headed beanies. THOSE ARE ATROCIOUS! Unless you are on the slopes “shredding some powder”, you should not be caught DEAD wearing those. When worn in everyday life they make you look like a “hood rat” so unless you’re going for this extremely outdated style, kick the tight ski hats to the curb. The beanie that I find acceptable is closer to a snood. They are baggy in the back, and they sit on your hair line. You might recognize these hats as what David Beckham wears a lot. These are stylish. They cater to more of the grunge style; but as David Beckham proves, they can be worn with more of a preppy style as well, even though they grunge the overall look.

4. For number four, I wanted to list off some hats that I personally HATE and should never be seen atop a man’s head.

  1. Bug Net Hat- They exist.
  2. Character baseball hats- You know the ones with teeth and eyes, they look like a character.
  3. Fuzzy hat with attached mittens- Unless your 15 and attending your first rave, NEVER WEAR.
  4. Mullet Hats- As the name suggests, SUPER out of style.

So, guys, when you want to kick up your style a notch or just cover up some bed head, I hope you find these suggestions helpful!

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