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So if there is one thing that needs to be understood about fashion it is the fact that fashion is cyclical. Have you ever noticed how trends tend to reappear after about 20 years or so? This is because people especially fashion designers have a strong nostalgic connection to the past. Some trends in my opinion, like overalls, should never be revamped. Even though designers reinvent the style, the garment still carries obvious ties to the past. Whether you purposely rock the vintage style or not, everyone is sporting the vintage look whether they know it or not. Personally, I think fashion should be analyzed and understood before it is worn. So for this article, instead of telling my fashionable guy readers what to wear, I am going to explain where some of the more popular styles hail from.

1. Leather Biker Coat- Not only popular in men’s fashion but currently exploding in women’s fashion. The leather biker jacket has definitely made its return into fashion. Used for a long time as merely protective gear for actual bikers, today most serve as fashionable Fall/Winter jackets. Their roots can be traced back to the 1930’s when they first came into production, partially inspired by the military wear of the time. But I think the pivotal moment when these “bad boy” jackets really vaulted into the fashion scene was when Marlon Brando wore one in his film “The Wild Ones”.

2. Jeans- I don’t really need to explain what these are. Everyone, young and old, across all social ladders knows what jeans are. Whether you pay $300 or $25 they are a staple in almost every wardrobe in the US. What I find interesting is the cultural shift these garments had from when they first started out. Jeans started out during the Gold Rushes in the United States, when a man named Levi Strauss (aka LEVI jeans) decided that the men needed proper clothing to work in. At this time gold followers were not particularly rich and only a few struck it big. Therefore the lower, working class was actually the first ones to wear them. Strauss originally made these pants out of a canvas material but then shortly after changed to using denim (the material we use today). So when they were first invented, the poor workers were wearing them and now people everywhere are fawning over the latest and greatest jean designers. Back in the day, the rich wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a pair of jeans. Weird huh?

3. Accessories- I decided to generalize this section for fear of running on (as I could talk about fashion history FOREVER). The interesting thing about jewelry and makeup is men actually wore them first. Now although women across all time periods have also worn jewelry, I believe that today jewelry has almost taken on a feminine connotation; when, in reality, men were the first gender to do a lot of things that women do today. For example: It was traditional for men to wear makeup, high heels and lavish jewelry, all up until around the 1700’s. The thing about men’s fashion, however, is even though all those things are done mostly for beauty today, they were done specifically for a purpose back then. Male fashion is rarely just “fashion”. It has to have some utilitarian use. In ancient Rome, men wore rings to signify power and to seal documents. In ancient Egypt, both men and women alike, would wear makeup for spiritual, cosmetic and even medical reasons. Today the most common male accessory is the watch, which is both fashionable and functional.

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